Big Flower of Life

Big Flower of Life


Original creation by Atelier Matéo Crémades
Rosette inspired by the "Flower of Life" represented in Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus (Fol. 309)

2 layers of parchment and tinted parchment enhanced with 925 silver pins and a central pin with mother-of-pearl head.
Ø 102 mm



  • Dimensions

    The dimensions of the rosettes shown are not standard and may be adapted to your instrument.

  • Price and shipping costs

    V.A.T. non applicable, art.293B du CGI (tax statutes)

    The customer is accountable for any shipping, banking and custom fees.

  • Colours

    The colour can be modified to suit your taste.

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English translation - Archibald MacAlister and Gaby Crémades

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