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Ocre-Mer • 2022

Dimensions : 411 x 224 x 156 mm

Goatskin parchment, tinted goatskin parchment, 925 silver, brass

Installation visible in Sauveterre-de-Rouergue - Aveyron - France

      Arranged inside an airtight glass box, the tinted goat parchment sculpture is composed of several motifs inspired by the parchment rosettes that adorn 16th and 17th century musical instruments. These Baroque-style elements, made in a shades of tinted parchment, are cut out by hand, with a scalpel and leather punches, then superimposed on several levels so as to create a small aquatic world. Like corals, each inert and fixed ornament is animated by a play of light which seems to give them life and make them move subtly.


The brass moucharabieh that protects this little world of parchment arouses the curiosity of those who look at it and encourages them to go and see what is hidden beyond. Thus, only the most curious will be rewarded by discovering this little universe of parchment hidden away in the shelter of the north side of the Place des Arcades in Sauveterre-de-Rouergue (Aveyron-France).

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