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The Workshop

Rediscovering ancient crafsmanship : Parchment Sculpting

Matéo Crémades’ workshop is specialised in the reproduction of Parchment Rosettes, copies made from those found on instruments from a bygone era such as the Lute,

baroque Guitar, Cittern or Harpsichord

  The workshop offers a number of  authentic period design rosettes made from  parchment, sculpted and assembled by hand. Specially designed for stringed instrument makers, musicians, music lovers and people with an appreciative eye.

   At the same time, Matéo Crémades utilises the same materials and  techniques in the creation of pictoral designs and in the confection of  jewellery crafted from parchment and rare woods inspired by his work on rosettes and baroque ornementation.

Présentation Atelier Matéo Crémades

Présentation Atelier Matéo Crémades

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