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Parchment Flower • 2019

Rosette diameter: 178 mm

Base diameter: 350 mm

Height: 330mm

Goatskin parchment, « antique » goatskin parchment, 24 carat gold leaf, pearwood, walnut

Personal collection

Prize-winning work at the 2019 Touraine Métiers d’Art Prize - France

  Like an allegory of the Renaissance, Parchment Flower is born from Leonardo da Vinci's Flower of Life and spreads its delicate petals in the light of knowledge.


With its intricate four levels parchment rosette, Parchment Flower is an allegorical luminaire that represents the embodiment of the geometric figure of the "Flower of Life", found in particular in the Leonardo da Vinci’work. The parchment rosette is inspired from an anonymous Neapolitan renaissance harpsichord rosette. Mounted on a wooden rod which pierces the motif of the flower of life represented on the circular wooden base.

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